LCBO NISS (New Item Submission System)

The LCBO’s New Item Submission System (aka NISS), is a collaborative site available to the LCBO management, the  Supplier and Agent.

Site Objectives:

  • LCBO Categories and Divisions such as (Wines, Spirits, Beers, Vintages, …) publish their need requirements which includes desired landed retail pricing, pre-submission and submission deadlines, etc… Currently there are no costs associated with pre-submissions or offerings, however, some requirements are necessary, such as a strong track record in other markets, key accolades, a market support program, etc…
  • A supplier can offer their products on the NISS site via an agent such as Lacey’s.
  • If a product is accepted to proceed, the site is also used to formulate a contract between the LCBO and the supplier on the products pricing, product packaging requirements, terms of payment, etc…

For the pre-submission process, there are three key pages we need to populate in for a pre-submission to be accepted. Our Submission/Quote Template (SQT) covers most required information, however, images of packaging and/or labels can be uploaded for the buyers to assess.

  1. Supplier Information Page (LCBO Vendor #, Address, email…)
  2. Product Profile Page (Category, varietal, accolades…)
    -This area also includes an area to upload images of labels/packaging, etc…
  3. Product Details (Pricing, Pallet Configuration, Product Weight, Case Dimensions, etc…)